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About 1217 Capital Group

1217 Capital Group was founded by Walter Marino who is an entrepreneur by trade and actively invests in small to mid-size business in the Mid-Atlantic and North-East corridor.  As the CEO and visionary of the 1217 Capital Group, Walter develops strategic investment plans geared towards turn-around and funding of synergistic businesses that both compliment and add value to the current portfolio of holdings.

Walter has co-founded and funded over 10 successful business ventures ranging from Construction Management, Real Estate Management Companies, Real Estate Development, Retail, Restaurants, Transportation, Sightseeing Tours, Technology and Hotel Guest Services.  Each venture has created shareholder value, positive cash flow, and consistent investor dividends and returns.

With over 13 years of experience building and scaling businesses, Walter has a keen sense of identifying, capitalizing and monetizing opportunities. 1217 Capital Group is a Holding Company that is diversified and positioned for growth on the fundamental principal of value investing and identifying opportunities where the portfolio businesses held can work in synergy to cross-pollinate each other creating a foundation for stable returns.

Each company is run by its own management team. In other words, as a holding company, our job is executive oversight, support, setting risk management parameters, and putting the right people in the right places to align with our corporate strategy.  When subsidiaries pay out dividends to us, we then invest that money by putting it to work in other opportunities.